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They say that music is the language of the soul, and nothing could be more true for this band. Composed of a group of top notch, inspirational musicians and skillful performers, the artists behind Touch & Go have earned their reputation as a talented and unique Tribute to look out for. The look, sound and feel of the iconic New Wave band, The Cars, lives on in Touch & Go's ever-so precise replication in all of The Cars hits. Packing a full 2 hour set of music spanning the entire Cars catalogue, you will be transported back in time to the late 70's and 80's when this band launched their career. With the memorable guitar hooks, the synthesizer-laden hits, and the perfectly matched voice of Ric Ocasek by Touch & Go's lead vocalist Gene Minix, you will have a concert experience that you won't soon forget!
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Fans from all across the nation love Touch & Go The Ultimate Tribute to The Cars. From the many Cars top hits to the memorable song lyrics, the band members found a way to make their mark in the industry. Get to know the people behind the music and learn more about Touch & Go below.



Lead Vocals, Guitars

Touch & Go wouldn't be complete without its captivating frontman, and Touch & Go couldn’t have asked for a better one than the talented Gene Minix. Highly experienced while fronting bands during the 80's until recent, Gene plays an instrumental role in the success and musical progression of the band captivating the audience with the ever so precise re-creation of Ric Ocasek.


Guitars, Vocals

Scott is truly an amazing guitarist. Crowds always love seeing Scott in full performance mode, and the band couldn’t be happier to have such an incredible guitarist up on stage to re-create Elliott Easton and the Cars exceptional music and style.


Keyboards, Vocals

Chris came to the South Florida scene years ago from the West coast bringing many years of experience as New Wave music is his specialty. The Cars utilizes unique sounds to make their music what it is and Chris captures these sounds and re-creates a vibe like no other. Prepare yourself...Touch & Go is here!


Bass, Vocals

Jeff is an exceptional musician. He takes control of the bass as a true professional. His comfort level shows while playing bass among other instruments as well. His musical precision shows in his playing and is truly an amazing asset to the Touch & Go band.



Patrick has been with Touch & Go since it's inception and evolved with Winslow from the Split Image days. Patrick is a drummer you cannot go without. His true attention to detail is what makes his role so special in this band. Drums are the backbone of any band, and he makes his presence known as soon as you hear the band.

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waiting to be played
Concert crowd at live music festival
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Want to learn more about Touch & Go? Their next performance? Bookings? Don’t hesitate to get in touch. Go check out our Facebook page @touchandgocarstribute and make sure you hit the like button so you can stay in the loop when new gigs are aannounced

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